Making sure your roof is sound and secure is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs. Like everything in your home, it requires maintenance.

If you haven't had your roof inspected recently, we're here to help. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. roofing companies


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Simmons Beauty Roof , roofing companies

Simmons Beauty Roof

Roofing Company

What we do?

  • Compositistion Shingles
  • Skylights

  • Metal Roof Repair & Protective Coatings

  • Minor/Major Patch Work

  • Tear Offs & Re-Roofs

  • Gutters & Siding 

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"There are days when nothing goes right, but then there is a spark of light that just fixes everything and warms your soul! After everything we've been through with this fun tornado, we thought we were through fixing everything. Insert stage right, leak in Madeline's room. Now to say we have stretched our budget already is an understatement, many tears and "why me's" later in comes Dave Simmons! He even told me he won't just tarp it, he'll fix it if he can.  After 30 minutes I get two pictures, one of the hole in my roof and one of the hole fixed. At the bottom of the text it says "FREE OF CHARGE". Dave, I cannot thank you enough, but I will be talking you up. Thank you again, you have restored my faith in humanity!" 

-Cassandra Galva, March 8, 2016

"My Thanks goes out to Simmons Beauty Roof.  These guys came out this morning at around 6:30 am, busted their butts non- stop and put a brand new roof on our house in about five hours!! I'm so stoked right now because it's raining and there is no dripping water anywhere in the house! If any of y'all know David Simmons or any of his co-workers let them know they have some happy customers!!!" 

-Amber Bookman, August 16, 2016

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